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5 Changes to Education 2011-2012

I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the changes I’ve seen within my school in the last academic year 2011-2012 under the Tory/Lib-dem coalition. I’ve limited it to the 5 biggest changes that I’m aware of either in terms of impact to the students or the teachers. Read more »

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Academies do NOT have to provide statutory NQT induction

Today The Guardian reported that from September newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in academies will not have to go through statutory induction. The current NQT Induction period allows new teachers support, training and extra planning time during their first year of teaching (remember at this point many NQTs won’t have been alone in a classroom for any extended period of time). Read more »

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Why I support the Green Party Science Policy

Recently I tweeted that the area I always tended to disagree with the Green party was its health and science policy (Jenny Jones, the Green Party’s candidate for London Mayor in the recent election caused controversy last week by voicing her support for a protest against a trial of a new strain of genetically modified wheat). Some took this as a dig against the science green party policy , but in actual fact I consider the GP science policy to be the best of any of the other major parties. Read more »

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Not so Red Ed

Picture of Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband meeting and greeting (

I have a friend who is a labour member and we’ve been discussing how good Ed Miliband is at leading the party. Ed was my preference when the Labour leadership elections occurred and I was optimistic when he got through. However that’s all deflated now and I was attempting to justify my reasons. I’ve so far come up with the following Read more »